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Ningxia Night Market

More than half of the vendors and restaurants in NinXia Night Market are time-honored delicacy providers. It’s the origin of many famous local food brands such as “Formosa Chang”. In 1949, Formosa Chang moved its vendor into NinXia Night Market and its sales has been boosted ever since, which makes it the representative of Taiwanese braised pork rice. There are many more famous traditional cuisines in NinXia Night Market, including the 80-year-old “Lian's Sugarcane Juice”, the 60-year-old “Huan Ji Sesame Oil Chicken”, the 50-year-old “Yuan Huan Bian Oyster Omelet”, and the 40-year-old “Lee Jia Xiang Milkfish Soup”. There are even more famous local snacks in NinXia Night Market, including Tainan Wa-Gui, Lizhang-Bo Stinky Tofu, Liu’s Taro Balls, Dou Hua Zhuang Tofu Pudding, egg with shrimp soup, boiled moji, pig liver soup, etc. Countless traditional and delicious snacks, all representing the most authentic Taiwanese flavors, await your visit.

Address: Ningxia Road, Datong District, Taipei City.

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